The Birth of Venus

Design by huebucket

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funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

big designs ROCK! this is great once again need to get printed NOW!


very cool


I don't understand. If I'm not mistaken, Venus was born out of the foam of the ocean, which was really the sperm of Poseidon. Are you making a statement? If so, it could be a little clearer. Great image, though.


I love the look on her face, and the fact that she's forging her own birth.


... but yes, I agree with "Fruithead" - the image should be smaller.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I agree that the image should be a little smaller, but this definately kicks a lot of ass! $5!

Kojima profile pic Alumni

very creative


awesome as usual. Puts my similar sub to shame. dont even think i will finish and submit it now.

R_G profile pic Alumni

i hate it!! I love all your designs!!! I dont know why but I dont like this one, give her some nipples!! and congrats on the print, I cant wait to wear it!!!

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

It's always hard to vote high for a competitor but you've done a wonderful job. a little smaller might be nice.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Very nice AND tasteful!


I like this A LOT. I agree with a slightly smaller design, but I absolutely love it, being a self-made woman and all. :D $5!!!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

really nice and I liek teh play with teh idea you have here

ysy101 profile pic Alumni


ysy101 profile pic Alumni


herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and illustration.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

please don't stop being so frickin awesome. only comment is the little lock of hari near her mouth is distracting. other than that...just plain ol awesome

dacat profile pic Alumni

Hue = automatic $5


maybe my favorite of yours. Keep it that size.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

WHY do all your designs look great on the regular presentation, then when i turn my noggin a few inches to the right i see what they looks like on a tee, and my excitement for your designs jumps into hyperspace!!?!?!? Looks SO good on the shirt like all of your stuff, and rightfully deserves the four and buy im assinging here. Great job and please, please PLEASE keep submitting. This site needs a few hundred more artists like you (in their own unique way of course).


rainn, i think it's a take on the venus de milo...

anywho, hue, i think it's a great concept and a brilliant execution, but when i did a close up of her face the nose looked kind of off, but that may just be me. 5 either way.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

you have some sick talent man... i cant believe i missed "the warriors" sub... i give you 2 fives for missing that, lets get a print

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Looks like another printed one on your list. Haven't seen a bad one from you yet. $5

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

hi huebucket,congrats for your win,and this one great as well,keep it up!!! super 5 from me!!


Sisters are doin it for themselves! Love it!

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