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The Birth and Rebirth of Ideas by backtozero on Threadless
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backtozero profile pic Artist

True to the spirit of innovation, this design involves two pieces of clothing, a black zip-up hoodie and a gray shirt. The individual designs can stand up on their own, but together the message is stronger.

For the shirt design, the light bulb and the small yellow lines will be printed on golden/yellow foil, while the 'bigger shine' will be on glow ink. I've already attempted to pitch this combination for a couple of times already but I was not successful. I am really excited to see whether the combination of these two printing techniques would yield bright (no pun intended) results.

Since we are talking about two pieces, hopefully if this sub is successful there will be a way to buy the shirt-hoodie combo as a set at a cheaper price.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

nice idea, but you'll have to get two prints instead of just one.


this is just straight up clever

backtozero profile pic Artist

thanks! :)

for more info, please also check this:



I understand that the bulb supposed to be some kind of sun, but I'm curious what is the drawing on the hoodie? some pencils and what are the lines?

backtozero profile pic Artist

Yup, those are pencils. The lines are just some sort of doodle.

Now take the centermost ray of the bulb (squiggly line), and zip the hoodie just up to that point, and now you have three pencils with a doodle streak, with the center pencil having a golden streak.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow, now this is innovation man! Great idea about interaction of two separate pieces of clothing!

backtozero profile pic Artist


lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

a thoughtful design!

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