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the bill by pandaluna on Threadless
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don't get the gun. what's it for?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wouldn't it be funnier if there were a ton more calls instead of just one? I know the point is that the one call cost a zillion dollars, but to bang the "et phone home" joke better, i think the funnier and more universal joke would be ET has called home SO many times that the bill was that ginormous. I'm not a fan of ET blowing his brains out because of this tho. Maybe just the silhouette of ET reflected off the ground with his hand up in shock? I think it would be cuter that way instead of needlessly violent. nice idea tho.


Parfait, il fallait quelqu'un pour penser a la facture bien sur lol! 5$


I agree with maxattack, I'm slightly frightened by the hand.

Coleblotcky profile pic Alumni

its a good draft. probably needs some work to pull off correctly. well done in my book.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Wow. le roi voting a 0 is harsh. At least give the submitter some credit for taking the time to submit! You can see SOME artistic merit can't you? You can tell SOME time went into the design, right? What a jerkface.

I vote this a 2 because I like the idea of ET being pissed (*not suicide) at getting a huge phone bill. There's some decent humor in that. But there are things that need to be revised about the art itself. Add more details to the bill (lines, total column, BILLED TO, more numbers, addresses, ect). A lot of your concept and our attention should be the bill....dress it up.

Maybe have an ET silhouette holding the bill with angry, glowing eyes & one finger? Although, there IS a current ET parody shirt on this web site you should take into consideration. Keep subbing!

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I actually did get the concept right away but I do agree that multiple changes need to be made. Besides the typos and making the bill actually a bill I'd actually go all the way over the top with the morbidity. Don't make the arm just look cut off and put some good blood spatter across that bad boy. That will get the point across. Oh and maybe actually make the smoke be coming out of the barrel of the gun. Oh and you might want to replace "Mr. E.T." with "Terrestrial, E."


wow-is it ever tense in here. you guys are down right mean.


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