The Biggest Pirate Ship Of The World.

Design by DeadPoetic_Underoath

The Biggest Pirate Ship Of The World. by DeadPoetic_Underoath on Threadless
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Two of the best things ever--DeadPoetic's style and pirates! :D

I'd totally buy it!


not as good as fight club, but what is? $5


i know i've said before that your work tended to be overly compact and somewhat cluttered - but it seems like you've swung too far in the other direction, and the last few subs seem like they don't have quite enough to them

i like this one, but the image is one large block that's centered
i'd like to see something in the water ( a sea creature, a message in a bottle, a floating barrel of rum.... something) as a counterbalance to the main image



Pirates are almost always good. I kinda wish he had a hat, but I still love your work. $5


Rippin' illustration skills!
I like the brighter aqua/tealish color.


I sure hope you're not basing your vote on the name of the submission!!

It's just a name!! Judge the artwork!!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I love your drawing style. This one is great as well. Only thing is, I like the drawings of yours where there's more going on.
I'll give you credit though, anytime one of your subs pops up, I know it's yours!


seriously. all of your creations are better than half of those that are actually purchassable. I would buy at least half of these if I could. I dont understand why threadless hasnt accepted any of these. I love it. among this site's artists you are top 5 I have seen yet.

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