The Big Bump

Design by gumbolimbo

The Big Bump by gumbolimbo on Threadless
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Was the Big Bang actually a Big Bump?
Is the cosmos actually a huge fairground?
Was our universe made in the dark?
And who was behind the steering weel?

Questions, questions....

(regular yellowish glow ink + fire red glow ink)


good job


I don't think the glow ink really adds anything to the design.


yaaaay i likey

i loved the design before i read the "big bump" part, now i love it even more. i like the whole concept.

no opinion either way on the glowness.



better on blue

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I agree, the gid effect doesn't bring anything more illuminating to light, but i do indeed like the idea and perspective a whole bunch.


please why on black........?
it look great on a colour.

gumbolimbo profile pic Artist

Aaah... I suppose I didn't make it very clear that the black version repesents the way it would look when the lights are off and the glow comes out.

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