The Big Bang

Design by Ste7en

The Big Bang by Ste7en on Threadless
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I leave my own feelings on my art because thats how things work over at deviantart, not because I dont think people will understand or even come to their own conclusions about my images.


to emptygenius :

look at the Earth and you should
see a pair of eyes ( one green and
one blue ) and an island
resembling a sad mouth.


to REALLY stir things up here, you should put the american flag on the gun. yeah! watch all the americans/ america-haters twitch and froth at the mouth. quick- get the popcorn!


No, text is bad. Especially the font.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

aww :( that person picked on my handwriting :( but I might agree...perhaps the text should not be in there...but then how would anyone know the shirt was called "the big bang" if they didnt look on this site?


the earth looks like it was re-arranged by a crackhead with a knife. i'd use a design looks a little like Pangaea as it was breaking up.

i like the handwriting. i wish i could be that neat.
and i like the band name too.

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