The Bible Belt Tightens 2

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The Bible Belt Tightens 2 by elemenopy on Threadless
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A redesign... I like this one better; it's cleaner... liked it so much better I submitted this two days after the original was sub'd... before the original posted... I like the difference... what do you think?


The other design was better, but either way, not a lot of people are going to like it in general


The idea and the art are really nice! I think if you're going for what the title suggests to me (that is, the moral majority is tightening its hold on the country?), that maybe the belt should be crushing the book a bit more.

I think it looks best on the green. I really love the distressed look of the bible, and it might be cool if you made the cross gold (the bibles that were always in my house always had the gold crosses flaking off the front, but that might just be me).


another instance where the critiques could have been utilized.

elemenopy profile pic Artist

look people... I'm not trying to change the world and I certainly have no ill-will toward christians or christianity... I'm also not trying to please everyone... Something struck me and I ran with the concept. Certainly not everyone the scours the endless pages of threadless is gay... but the gay pride shirt resonated with enough people to get printed. Also, I redisigned the shirt because I had another view of it popped into my head. I didn't want to wait to get back a score and then re-sub... I do my work and I submit it... then the community does what it will...

elemenopy profile pic Artist

I just mean to say that I can't possibly please everyone. So I'm trying to find a middle ground... afterall everyone has experience with the subject... the religious and non.


Yeah, as has been said, putting this in the crituque would have been good.

The problem I have with this, design wise, is that older travel bibles have a strap and buckle very much like how you've drawn these.

So yeah, I know there is a color difference between the belt and the bible, but I look at this and think 'travel bible'.

Also, kids used to use staps with buckles to carry books to school.

staffell profile pic Alumni

who wants to wear a bible on their shirt?

staffell profile pic Alumni

in other words, this is ridiculous

mj00 profile pic Alumni

If you end up submitting another version of a design while the old one is still scoring, you should e-mail threadless and ask them to remove the older one. This kind of thing usually tanks scores.

elemenopy profile pic Artist

You know I like this design and the other one. It says what I want it to, I appreciate the comments about the WORK... and I'll take those suggestions to heart. I'm not starting a crusade... I'm designing a shirt.

elemenopy profile pic Artist

Ummm... That's a new one... getting beaten by christians... I don't think the shirt is suggestive enough for all that... Is this really as offensive as real christian apparel? Pics of Jesus hanging on a cross... torture and bible quotes damning the un-righteous to hell? Christians... I'm pretty sure... aren't offended by the term "bible belt"... and if they are just remove belt and use as a weapon to protect yo'self... this is fun by the way.


I didn't like the first one and I don't like the second one. Changing minor things does not make it a new design. 0

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