The beast and the beauty

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The beast and the beauty by Occhio on Threadless
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lol, i like it a lot.

i know i didn't like your CO2 one but this is good stuff sir.


It's supposed to be one of those deep-sea fish with a little antenna-like thing hanging over their head, at the end of which is a chemical light source, used to lure food. Here it is replaced by a TV, suggesting the TV is luring those who watch it into a dangerous trap.
That's it right?


It's clearly attached to the fish. This is only confusing if you've never seen this breed of fish, which is just as citizen.lambda described.

I think it's fantastic, well-executed and a witty comment on popular media. 5$!


Also, i almost forgot, nice design, it needs printing, 5$, and I'd buy it!
@dnangel, that's it, the angler fish...couldn't remember the name (am french, and seen these in french documentaries years ago)


excelent one!! love it.

Trimm Trabb

It reminds me a lot of the angler tee, which might not have had a tv screen, but it ruled more because it glowed. Yarr.

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