the Battle at E-5

Design by danrule

the Battle at E-5 by danrule on Threadless
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i can see this getting printed

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Totally printable. Cool use of negative lines in the king to get the details in there.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

This is really awesome. Very nice!!

staffell profile pic Alumni


Bramish profile pic Alumni

One of my favouriters $5

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Dan I love this! I would definitely buy and wear this work of art. I love the off-center placement too. I can really imagine finding this one in one of those high-end small shops that cater to celebrities.


High altitude trebuchets! ! !
Gotta luv 'em

Cool chess design even if the King
piece seems a bit more powerful
than it should be. It seems the
knight he just killed should
be smashed more or have some
casualties around it.

Sorry for being so nitpicky.
This design is so much better
than most design submissions
Threadless lets through.

This is definitely a Battle Royale!


Ive been playing too much RO.. the knights coming out of the tankking look like Abysmal Knights...


Yay, first submission I've seen all day that I liked! Perhaps a bit smaller on the shirt?

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Wow is right. One of the top Battle Royale entries!, and damn printable too. Bugger! 5....sigh....

badnobe profile pic Alumni

this is sweet.nice it!

danrule profile pic Artist
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Hey t-anks all,

Now I want to make an 'opposing' shirt, so when you hug a person with this design they can fight!


this is great, love the roughness

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Alumni

that's awesome!


Very cool design, wish it was a different color but I'd definitely buy it regardless.

andyg profile pic Alumni

very cool! 5

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