The Baker Strikes Back

Design by WanderingBert

The Baker Strikes Back by WanderingBert on Threadless
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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

It's a commonly known fact that every great artist does a star wars parody. So, in an attempt to mascurade as one them i've decided to do my own!

The link isn't blaring but I think it is obvious. One of my most simple designs but I think it's pretty effective. Looks best on Natural, white or Pacific Blue. (Check out my user profile page for colour variations and larger images).

5 colours used plus shirt colour

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I like it best on yellow


I think some type of titling would really make the parody more clear. I'm a little unsure if they should be wielding the loaves with one hand instead of two... maybe use baguettes instead of Italian loaves? Baguettes are much thinner and longer. The one or two hand thing isn't a maker-or-breaker point for me, it just popped into my mind as a thought.

I love the concept though, as I am an avid baker!

more heat than light

Yep, like this. Nice, crisp clean design, and it doesn't really matter that the Star Wars reference is a little obscure, the design works without it. Good stuff.



even if it's not clear that it's a parody, it's still good.

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

yeah, you're probably right. Parady probably wasn't the best word for me to use. Inspiration may have been a better term.


Dude... I've DONE this with the bread. 'Til death. (Of the bread. Not... people.)


Good design! Ideal if you're in the catering business or just want a t-shirt that will catch the eye.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I didn't need the title for my brain to register that"i think this is supposed to be star wars." Turned out...i was right!!!! Yeay brain picking up subtle positioning and hints on this one! But yeah, a few more deatils coulda pushed this one over the edge in terms of homage and/or parody. I still really like the image and color combo on pacific blue, although from far away it would appear that i had a bread crucifix on my tee. I still dig this enough to give it fifteen bucks of my hard-earned cash to feel like the coolest kid in school (or in adult loserland where i spend most of my time) while wearing it. 4$


I kind of see a shining cross formed by the bread - a little confusing.


Love it on blue, 4.


$5, and as a Star Wars fanatic myself, I can definitely say that you nailed the angles on both loaves perfectly. It looks just like the classic poster shot.

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