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The Ascent of Ritter

Design by Lashford

The Ascent of Ritter by Lashford on Threadless
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My submission for the Josh Ritter/Animal Years contest...


It's somehow both unique and overdone.


^I agree. I'm also getting rather tired of the whole evolution thing, but a good one still makes me smile. This isn't bad.

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thanks for the comments, guys. i agree that the ascent of man evolution diagram is an overdone idea, however, based on the remarks by the musician in his creative brief for this threadless (heart)'s contest, i felt it was a good way to go.

i took the overdone diagram and made it my own -- one that relates well to the artist's thoughts about this album release. check it out in the (heart)'s section...

all artist-b.s. aside, this is my first threadless submission and i'm new to the site, so my apologies if this concept has been seen on here too much! :)


been done, keep trying yo


yes it has been done before, but i think this version is EXCELLENT.

particularly like the finger placement of the figure second in from the right. totally rock. love it. nice work!

Lashford profile pic Artist

of course he is, azrim. but i can't take credit for that little design nuance -- all quasi-apemen were known to make the rock sign. it's science. :)

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