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Everyone like pictures when they travel. I was inspired by photos taken to create almost an art gallery like composition spanning everything from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Egyptian Pyramids. Hope you see an artistic twist to this as well!

And also, Happy Travels :D


There's too many colors, I don't think they can print this. profile pic Artist

Hmm well it wasn't sent back to me so, I would hope they could!!!


LOve It!


nice! as for the colours, i think there are no limitations any longer profile pic Artist

thank you everyone :D

@milo- that is great news YAY! :D


I think all of the individual pictures are fantastic! But I do find the placement of the lone pictures at the top and bottom somewhat awkward and unbalanced.

golden dragonfly

I think it's great but have you thought about using a black background?


I absolutely love this! profile pic Artist

TY all!!!

@MSaavik- I was shooting for the "contemporary" art gallery feel :D that and I enjoy exercising my unbalanced-ness

@golden dragonfly- That I have not but that would rock :O!

@giasilin- ty ty ty :D:D!

sun flo wer

where is the great wall of china? :P profile pic Artist

dangit! I ALMOST put that in too! lol

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