The Arrangement

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The Arrangement by artridge on Threadless
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artridge profile pic Artist

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my design.

This design--The Arrangement is a combination of ideas expressing the complexity of human life and technology. So I came up with the blending of elements from puzzle pieces in a domino arrangement (sorry) and a kind of neon sign meets technological interface. I tried to make the puzzle-domino object mimic or be remindful of some sort of cryptic or future symbol but also a double helix or a microscopic organism. There is a bit of a childish nod to Raymond Kurzweil's Singularity here the end i thought it looked pretty cool for a Threadless T--I hope you like :)


interesting but um kind plain :(

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Puzzles are my favorite, really cool effect, it's like the effect you if you replaced the deck of cards with puzzle pieces after you win a game of computer Solitaire.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ps- I'd like to see you go further with this idea, more colors, different pieces, wilder arrangement.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


artridge profile pic Artist

I actually tried this design with variations on the puzzle shapes but it starts to look cluttered and disorganized. It also wouldn't have the unity and rhythm with all different puzzle shapes. I tried to keep the color simple because I feel the design is fairly complex.

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