The Ancient Mariner

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`God save thee, ancient Mariner,
From the fiends that plague thee thus! -
Why look'st thou so?' - "With my crossbow
I shot the Albatross."

For all our burdens and the wrong we've done.


what is it?

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More explanation...
Inspired by the poem 'The Rime of the ancient Mariner' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, I wanted to make a design that embraced the idea of having an albatross hung from your neck.

Ah ! well a-day ! what evil looks
Had I from old and young !
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.


An albatross-around-the-neck shirt is an awesome idea, whether or not it's connected to Rime. If the albatross were more recognizable, I'd buy it like that.

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Hmm.. well thanks very much for your comments, I had the same feedback from friends, after looking at it for so long it's hard for me not to see the bird.

I also thought that it would be nicer abstract as some people might not find it appealing to have a dead bird on their shirt. Maybe I will get started on a new an improved version.


Yeah- I love the idea, but not the first I thought it was a towel..

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