The Ancient Couple

Design by harpo25

The Ancient Couple by harpo25 on Threadless
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I can't hate anything you do my man, but this seems like the "BEFORE" to Flying Mouse's recent "AFTER" sub of the sun-moon breaking up. Ahh, happier times! This needs a little something more, perhaps the shapes forming more of a heart pattern together...maybe with a cloud formation in back of it?

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Haha, you and FM should continue making before and after subs.

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great characters and style

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sweet 5


the words sun and moon in English are neutral right? anyways, I only wish the sun would be the guy, and the moon the girl because in French we say La lune, and Le soleil... but then it wouldn't work in German because it's the opposite....funny thing hey?

it's a bit too plain for me, but it's nice.




Wait, isn't the sun normally the guy in these situations?

wow I just realized EVERYONE has been saying the same thing.

I give it a 4$ though.


$5 for the hoodie

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