The Agreeable Mr. Filagree

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The Agreeable Mr. Filagree by Daniel_Newman on Threadless
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Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

It was without hesitation or warning that that The Agreeable Mr. Filagree make his presence known. The aftermath of his departure looked no more disturbing to him then a table of left behind crumbs.

Make no mistake that be common cuttlefish is indeed a predator, gifted with the ability to alter it's appearance in the most fascinating ways, it's talent for deception is most admirable and fearful.

The idea for this was to take a man and a cuttlefish and see what would happen if I were combine the two. The result is a very charming gentlemen with well groomed bearded tentacles in a filagree arrangement that could and probably will eat you at the drop of a hat.

About the trend: Simply Complicated.
There are only two things I can be certain of as far as trends go.
People love them, and people hate them.

I try to ignore them as much as possible because catering to them would just leave me baffled and confused, that said it is important to make things that people like.
All I can do in that regard is to make a design that has a good balance, even flow, consistent lines, and a pinch of intrigue without being to obvious or under bearing.

Maroon is the new black.
Soft pastel colors to balance out the neon 80's palette
Illustrative line work.

Thank you for taking the time to view and rate my design, please do tell your friends about me, This contest is a great opportunity for me and winning it would greatly help promote my unique vision of what art is and more importantly what it can be.


I can't read that long of a design introduction.... adult A.D.D. With that said, great work.


He scares me a bit, but I can't stop looking at him.

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Thank you all so much for attending this first public viewing of The Agreeable Mr. Filigree.

The time I spent in the studio with this fellow rendering his likeness was quite a thrill indeed.

One of the oddest commissions I have ever had the pleasure to produce. I have a feeling I will not be seeing more of Mr. Filagree as he is off on tour promoting his new book. Something to do with the art of wooing uninterested damsels, with charm and parlor tricks.

Do please come back, and bring as many guest as you wish.
Thank you again for the kind words, I shall send a note to Mr. Filagree at once and let him know of his successful unveiling here.

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

mad illo!

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

I would like to take a moment to thank Ninth wheel for the generous donation of the mock up, anyone know who the charming lad is with the awesome beard?
I opted for a more safe print placement but I have an all over version, and a wrap around.
I also played it safe with the colors, in my mockup room I found oddly enough a light pink to be my favorite color.

The light sickly green is not random. This man lives in a low light area deep in the sea and therefore would be naturally pale, save for the times when he is eating, fighting, or having a happy moment with Mrs. Filagree

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

I have big plans to produce my own shirts later this year, the designs are picked and ready to order but I don't have the funds for it all at the moment. Thanks again for all the support, it means a great deal to me.


Daniel you're very talented!
good luck finding the fund for your own line of Tshirts.


This guy is the shizzle in my bizzle.


Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Thanks guys I have 8 prints ready to get the brand started, but the shirts will take a little longer.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

and writing/reading the intro, even longer^ .

just kidding, nice job!


That's a charming illo. Good work, friend. 4 for you.

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Awesome work dude. It's time well spent.

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Thanks for the mockup again.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

oh he is a lovely gentleman indeed!!! and I think he would look delightful on light pink :D Please do send him my fondest regards.

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Consider those finest regards sealed and delivered.


wow you have killer skills!!

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Great style!!



lookin' good!

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Thanks or the high fives ladies and gentlemen.

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the high fives.

Mountain Gnome

Great Illustration, and Intro, especially for 2k10. Had a small quiet chuckle at your comments above. Keep on subbing! Good Luck!

ndstillie profile pic Alumni


Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

Thank you ndstillie

Daniel_Newman profile pic Artist

It's been a year already. woah.

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