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The Adventures of Mr. Bullet

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nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Artist

Stay tuned to see what happens in the next issue!

Thanks to those who helped critique - especially Bygrinstow whose color suggestion really helped.

Thanks to Manos for the template and iRocko for the tee pics.

Tee could be dark grey or white too.

Thanks for voting!

Resistance profile pic Alumni

yay! its up! 5!!

wotto profile pic Alumni

This is very cool, not sure Threadless will go for it but still very cool

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

is it supposed to be like comic panels? because the composition of them seems really bad, even for comics. there's a lot of weird spacing.


I agree the spacing is a bit iffy, but the idea is great. I love the comic book effect on the last frame!

evan3 profile pic Alumni



with fixed spacing, this would be so awesome!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

i've seen comics with this kind of spacing, and I believe the spacing is also part of the joke, but yes it does look a bit awkward

but still funny and would look great on the shirt with tiny improvements! 4!


I like the sound it makes "sworp"


haha cool!

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

something different! nice!

staffell profile pic Alumni

aww, i wish it had been an arrow :(

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

very cool


This is great!



mezo profile pic Alumni

Really great idea, but I wish the comic style was more old school (think 1 color with hand drawn lines).

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

hahaha, fun stuff!

Eika.Dopludo profile pic Alumni

i think it's unusual way of thinking...and
Ginette is right about composition,check out mine, please
T-SHIRT Buddha

Dexter Spandex

cool illustration. this is a great idea. i really like the title.
i don't like the boxy-ness of the whole image on the tee, would prefer it if the frames were mixed up a bit not forming a overall box.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I dunno, i really think the box design is part of the parody here, but maybe it could be re-designed in more of a glass breaking shape to the whole piece. The actual joke and idea behind this and slight tweaking of comic book ridiculousness is brilliant duder, hopefully this will be your third or 4th print!


Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

cool idea man!

ilya yas

i agree with dexter.. some tilt to the windows would be great... other than that, very nice design!


Awesome job man!


very nice... you put the comic style into top gear!
you deserve a print man. I also like your other work and notice you're good at the multi-drawing story thing.

A thing someone said as he was making a critique on your T-Rex wasn't allways a killer comic design (liked that a lot too btw) was: everybody does the same.

Maybe you could try making somekind of a reverse/backwards logic joke/story, or use a converging (as apposed to linear) development.
As i wrote this i was thinking of two movies: Memento & Magnolia. Hard to put into a t shirt but would be nice.

Keep up the good stuff! 5€!

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