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The Absurd Balloon

Design by Mat Pringle

The Absurd Balloon by Mat Pringle on Threadless
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  • 2.87 Avg Score
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Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

'The Absurd Balloon' or 'Le Ballon Absurde' was something I imagined upon during the summer on holiday in the Scottish borders. I chanced upon a stunning photograph of a Muskox in a newspaper and instantly felt the urge to draw it. Then gradually the fantastical vision of the great hairy beast sailing silently through the clouds formed in my mind's eye and has been with me ever since. I may have to go see a doctor about it as it happens...

And that was that. I've been playing around with a narrative for the The Absurd Balloon for the last few weeks but felt the urge to introduce it to a wider audience. Enjoy!


VERY cool!!!! love the hair!

Anything Goes
Anything Goes profile pic Alumni

Great illo, love it!

Miss Monica

Wonderful work, love the absurdity of it all!$$5



soloyo profile pic Alumni



Fantastic design! Very whimsical. I'd definitely buy it.

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the kind words everybody!


more of this style, but less squareyness.

CazKing profile pic Alumni

awesome beast! defo without the background. You could still have clouds - just not boxed in.


love the design, and the background, but the boxyness bugs me a little...

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Again thanks to everyone for the smashing comments - very much appreciated!

Thanks dad!

  • Thanks dad! ;)
Zen Studio

Apart from the square border, this is a great literal flight of fancy.

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Thank-you everyone!

A few people seem to have taken exception to the border but that can be removed easily to allow the great beastie to sale freely!

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Whoops - I mean 'sail freely' even.


I actually love the border :) D'oh!

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