The 7th Sin

Design by Robsoul

The 7th Sin by Robsoul on Threadless
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tesco profile pic Alumni

dead center if I was to wear it, but I think on the shoulder would be better. this is suhweet, as always. damn you consistly good designers! I wasnt keen on the border, but now I understand the reference I dig it alot


this is cool. It could have so easily been another one of those eastern caricature martial arts shirts but there's a gut load of style and substance.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The ninja rules all!

mezo profile pic Alumni

PS 5$

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Nice work brother! I too would prefer it centred, but I'm not hip...

I love it man. $5 of course.


The shoulder placement is perfect! See, Aristarchus, what you fail to realize is that the curviture of your shoulder will make the ninja look like he's flying at they guy from up and behind... It adds a whole kick-ass 3Dness to it!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Lazy samurai are always good, especially when drunk! I love the mono-color and hte placement. Nice job, Rob!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

This is one martial arts shirt I would definitely wear. Placement is right on, too. $5

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

ninjas: 5
Booze: $


love the graphic.
great woodcut style.
did you make your own brush for the border?

definetly a 5.
definetly a print.

place it in the center for my tastes.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Hey ROb i meant to post on this earlier, but i was wondering whether the lettering you used on "sloth" was handrawn or a font. EIf it is a font, I would be very interested in getting hold of it. Ether way it is very cool.

Oh and the design itself 5$


my heart YEARNS to own this.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

awesome image rob!


nice illo. love your work, dude:)

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