The Winner's Token

Design by KevinAllen

The Winner's Token by KevinAllen on Threadless
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Curti isto !


I like it! Good luck Kevin!


I like it, but the beaks bother me. They're much too long, like a hummingbird's.


I like the design, but I do wish the birds were a bit further apart. Maybe more on the shoulders? I don't know. I love the artwork, though!

KevinAllen profile pic Artist

Taruga and VeganChicky, Thanks! Glad you like it!

Snaticky, going off of the Mockingbird imagery on the covers of the books, they seem to have really long beaks. But yeah, the comparison to a hummingbird is now noted. Thank you.

Marie, It's a challenge of placing them where the tattoos usually go, high up on the shoulders, but still have them fit on a shirt. Should my design be picked I'm hoping Threadless can make that happen.

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