The Seeker

Design by the robster files

The Seeker by the robster files on Threadless
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I was with the making of this design from the start to finish and I can't express enough how awesome I think this design and concept is. I'll never forget when I first heard the idea...I knew it was special! It's a "5" all the way!


Great concept! Here's a 5 for you. Please return the favor! Thanks.


great illustration -- 5!


5 for the robotic Hamlet :)


very cool!


I like it : )


Cooooooll! score mine too. Thanks.


$5, it's awesome! Please give my designs a look too! Pretty please!

Leo Canham
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the robster files
the robster files profile pic Artist

No, melmike, the humans are not dead. The theme of this design has nothing to do with an apocalypse. It's a psychological study, a standard sci-fi theme where artificial intelligence becomes aware of itself. Here, the robot stares into the human skull inquiring into the nature of mortality. Perhaps, being A.I., he will live forever. On the other hand his fate may be similar to that of the robots in the story "Bladerunner" where his death, the end of his awareness, is written into his programming.


$5 all the way. Very unique design.

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