The Mt. Rushmore Quartet

Design by AlanBao

The Mt. Rushmore Quartet by AlanBao on Threadless
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P0ckets profile pic Alumni

I really love the design - but the placement looks strange to me. Still, really nice work

Binxent profile pic Alumni


Dear Jaime

I love it, but I'm not sure if I like the placement of the colors going all the way up the shirt. Maybe if it faded up towards the top, but I still love the idea and love the design so a 5 it is ;)


Nice Design' Makes history more interesting! like how it bleeds all the way to the bottom of the shirt. The only thing is the lime green I would of picked a darker green. Overall it's a great concept. :)


Love this design!


All 4 of your submissions are fantastic! This is an easy 5! I love the photo strip reference!

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