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THE CATNAPPER! by nonnahsonic on Threadless
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Ellie 29

YUP..never underestimate.Love the lines and the overall outlook is amazing.

berlynhubler profile pic Alumni

super cute catnapper!


This totally reminds me of my cat, Jynx. This is my favorite one so far, by far. Love the placement, the pose, the style, it's just fantastic. Good luck, 5 all the way! Easily.

nonnahsonic profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! This is based off of my cat, Tuna. After a day/night of bouncing off the walls she curls up in a ball in the most random places and sleeps like none other. I'm convinced it's a super power :)

enzo Dian



Awww, this is so Cute! ....but the placement...don't cut anything away from the cat...:) +5... i love the cat

kylewalters profile pic Alumni

love the illustration. would love love it dead center


Wau ..super awesome !

nonnahsonic profile pic Artist

I wanted to make it look like the wearer of the shirt is getting snuggled, but for the ladies, not right 'tween the bewbs :P So I went a little edgy with the layout. But I wonder if threadless could adjust the layout as they see fit?

catsycharnesh prefence

Love the kitty's mask ,and really think the placement is nifty! Gotta be a winner!

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