The Cane Throne

Design by Theriessa

The Cane Throne by Theriessa on Threadless
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much love for your awesome illustration of your grandpa..but not sure why strangers who did not know him or ever see him would find the image of him relevant to them or to AGOT? I like the drawing very much and also your style, but as a printed tee shirt on other people just not so sure it makes sense..?

Theriessa profile pic Artist

He was a great source of inspiration for me, so why not share it? My grandpa always said; if something is good, don't keep it to yourself, share it. I don't need people to know that they are wearing a illustration of my grandfather, I want them to know that the illustration is made because of him and that he made this possible. It's hard to explain, I certainly understand your point, thanks for the appreciation!


Theriess I totally agree with you...there are many art works that nobody knows where the inspiration came from and still pretty amazing...for example Picasso never told anybody what inspiration he had... After looking at your design I hoped that I could score 6, since is a lot better of the 5s I have givenn. Congratulations, amazing!



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