That is so '06

Design by MonkeyTongue

That is so '06 by MonkeyTongue on Threadless
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The woman's upper body looks a bit off to me, like she has no boobs, or one giant boob drooping down to her stomach. I do, however, like everything else about this design. :)

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

kick ass.

It would probably muck up the design, but if you put the optional knapsack on the front with some tiny lettering that said GOB (arrested development reference) I'd buy one for each of my friends.

As it stands, you got my 5.


the lady looks like her corsette broke, something needs to be done. other than that $4
oh, and on khaki please


great work here MonkeyTongue


oh god, it's Wild Wild West all over...


The fellow's vehicle is super-dope!
It's like he's riding one of those oldschool push lawn mowers!

I would rock one of these.
But next time I recommend you vary the weight in the lines.
As is, the lines look too uniform, like you applied a halftone screen in photoshop or something.

Everything else looks hand-drwn but the lines look mechanical.


cool!1 on a natural tee!


it's a SEGWAY (circa NOW)! not an old school lawnmower! get it?


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