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That Is How... by Ste7en on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

so a tiny construction crew is building an ark for a future voyage being sent from an island to get help for some stranded inhabitants? I like it, but pink apple's changes sound good: keep the cork, but make it a different color and have a more eleaborate scene in front of the bottle concernign a small construction crew making the ship, and have them hauling "lumber" away from a cup full of pencils like many people have on their work desks would really complete the concept you seem to be going for. 3 for now with a hopeful 4 or 5$ if some of this crap is implemented into your vision.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Really cool but the idea of adding a crew of little men in front of the bottle is great!


this is fantastic. 5$


love it! i always wondered about that too... but this is not the way.. lol.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

I think you could get rid of the second pencil without losing anything from the design.... This & Weapons of Mess Destruction have a cleaness about them which work extremely well in clarifying the central idea of each sub, which is good.



Ste7en profile pic Artist

glennz never did this design...but I am trying to work on a clean style like his to expand my range

Ste7en profile pic Artist

uh oh, I fear submissions are going to turn into the new blog forum, but oh well... I also did a ship in a bottle a long time ago. Theres tons of ships in bottles. He never did one about building a boat. Im glad you like my other work, im focusing more on that style with my next few.


needs more pencils to get the idea across


I think this is way cool.

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