Thanks Mom.

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Thanks Mom. by everything on Threadless
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Yeah, the drawing could use some improvement. I like the idea though.


what!? I F-ING LOVE THE DRAWING!! That baby is sooo damn cute...chubby lil armss!!
I LOVE IT $$$$$55555555555555555555!

cake or death

i like it... but it makes me wonder how the baby ended up under a bus in the first place.


I really like the idea but the drawing

everything profile pic Artist

Hey! The feeling for this design is to be of an airline safety pamphlet....very stiff an docile...this would be step two in the how to save a baby from under a bus - 'calmly lift the bus and gently grasp the baby'.

sidenote...I wouldn't be here if my mother hadn't lifted a bus overhead and pulled me to safety, so it's a tribute of sorts.

everything profile pic Artist

thanks hairy marv....drew it, scanned it and photoshopped some Mother couldn't be more proud.


Corner placement? ; other wise Amaazing

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