Thanks Aunt Sarah

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Thanks Aunt Sarah by Bakpak Mak on Threadless
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Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

Just go watch "A Christmas Story". Had to change the name around but you get the idea. :)

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

haha best gift ever ;)

Sel Age

The boy don't seem too happy...

soloyo profile pic Alumni

he is mad

YaaH profile pic Alumni

Don't be sad. It's Lovely ;D

alexmdc profile pic Staff

buahahaha thats funny

Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

hes not supposed to be happy haha


I would love to have one of this suits! Nice illustration :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Son't know why he's such a sourpuss about that outfit. He could just dye it black and be Donnie Darko for next Christmas.

Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

the idea comes from the scene in "A Christmas Story"


I think he's going to shoot her eye out.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

hehehe! that's so cool! sweet design! must five! :))

Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

thanks guys!


Extremely cool! I guess my sister wouldn't be disappointed about such a gift... ;D

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