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Thank ya' kindly, pardner! by myoungs1 on Threadless
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myoungs1 profile pic Artist

Hi guys! I'm resubmitting my design for the Human Giant Loves Threadless contest. Hopefully two times is the charm! My design relates to the idea of good old fashioned fun by having a young lad gearing up to take on claim jumpers, save damsels and round up bandits. Thanks again for considering my design!
-Matt Youngs

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

is there a significance to the items that are coloured vs those that aren't? it looks a little unfinished to me this way

myoungs1 profile pic Artist

I feel like I made a mistake in my haste to submit my design. I originally had the little guy on a white background. He actually has grey pants, and the plaid in his shirt is a bit more intricate than the jpg shows. This design on a white Tee would look better I think. I was also keeping the colors limited to give it more of a retro children's illustration feel. Thanks for the input!

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