Textbook of the Future

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Textbook of the Future by mismonaut on Threadless
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mismonaut profile pic Artist

I liked my fifth grade history class well enough as it was. I can only imagine how fantastic it would have been if my textbook glowed.

Two colors and lots of halftones on purple. Or maybe green or something, I dunno. Purple's nice, though. There aren't a lot of purple shirts.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Sweet style.


Love the colors!

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Coolio! The vibrant colors make me pretty happy

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, this reminds me of Lisa's daydream of a high-tech school where she takes a virtual tour with Ghengis Khan "learning what i learn, eating what i eat, killing who i kill!" on the simpsons. Nice style.


I love the style!!! would totally wear this shirt to threads haha

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