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Since it's SEED, I came up with a fetus idea, a sci-fi, metaphorical, surreal kind of thing, about test tube babies. In today's science we encounter topics about DNA, genetics, cloning, and basically our minds will always travel to human production experimentations, where we hear stories about scientists able to create human beings out of test tubes by putting some perfectly selected genes to form a perfect healthy DNA and able to create your own choice of your own baby's personality and even predict the child's future, hmmm...i hope science won't go mad on this,hehehe. My design is quite surreal, a fetus being amplified with good genes mixed inside the test tube, I know most of you will kill me with crits, so go ahead hate me already, I'm used to lose anyway,hehehe. Click here for the larger version on this- http://farm1.static.flickr.com/129/399633804_28288d5e97_b.jpg


agree. the fetus should be the focal point of the illustration, as it is rendered so well. make the other objects much smaller/less important, so the different parts aren't competing as much. cool.


I would say make the fetus the only part of the design. Everything else draws away from it.


Beautiful work - My only suggestion would be to alter the colouring of the baby somewhat - it looks like it has jaundice.


I like the babe with the guitar, but I think the tattoo and the pierced ear takes away a bit.

staffell profile pic Alumni

is he sitting in a walnut?


Great idea, but I feel it could have used a little more work before submitting. I agree that just the fetus and the amp is all that's neccessary. Also, with your placement, this thing is going to be HUGE! Too big, I think. And there's something about the baby that just doesn't look right. I guess it doesn't look too "baby-ish." But again, the concept is very cool.


really weird but i do like it! :) Although the Design is quite chaotic. and i don't feel works.

Salty Rubberbands

Oh man, the amp and chemistry vial is so not needed! The fetus should have been the only part of the design. Like blown up, and placed in the center (maybe, in the middle of the stomach area).

Sigh.. if only the Amp wasn't there! Argh!

jacklmoore profile pic Alumni

that baby has a nice head of hair

KDLIG profile pic Artist

you're right about that, the original design was just the amp and the fetus, i added a test tube to make it look more scientific, I actually submitted the original one for the regular competition, i don't know if they will still accept it, if they will, I just hope to get more votes, and make all of you happy about it, heehee =), I want to see my fetus on a shirt, if that's possible, then it's financially a big help for me, sorry if i'm such a lousy designer when it comes to shirt =(


You almost have it!
Get rid of the earing and tattoo, and "zig-zag" lines.
Put it on white.


Maybe the earring could go, but I freaking love the tattoo.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

The original design just got accepted, it's called "Rock- a by Fetus", and it's not an entry for SEED, it's just for the regular competition, I hope you'll like the design this time, i hope you'll vote for it =)


Ohhh that looks nice. I think it looks good on the whiteish or is that a white-yellowish tee?

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