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I like the inkbot, but not the subliminal dog face smack in the middle

john woo

super nice...i saw an animal in it...nice


I see a bear!


at the top


he's got a little man with antlers sitting on his head


Chilling and effective.
Can we however get it reversed? White on Black? Or Red on Black.

White always stains...

Frank Vice

i see the gnarls barkley logo in there... did you get their permission to use it? :\

mezo profile pic Alumni

Did someone just spit chewing tobacco juice on my computer screen?



(it would work better on a non-white shirt btw)


hey man great concept and it was pulled off pretty well, i just think it could be a bit better.
i was looking at the hi-res version and i noticed the layers are visible because it looks like you'd make something then cut it out with magic wand. unfortunately unless you get in afterwards it leaves a kinda white outline around what you cut out. so i'd go through and erase those.
also the circles with simple gradients kinda get to me. maybe actually scan an ink blot with the similar colors or the look you want then scale/skew/rotate/etc to fit in the spots you have the circles now. just so it looks more natural.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I'm not against you personally, just designs that look like bird poop.

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