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Tombie profile pic Artist

The idea for this design came from a recently rediscovered doodle I did on the back of and old bottle of dangerous looking tequila, found lurking in the depths of my girlfriend's cupboard.

My concept was to create a label for a made-up, evil, hallucinogenic tequila, combining cute cartoons with tattoo/hotrod style imagery.

The gold could be done in either shiny foil, or slightly less shiny metallic ink, so that it looks like a foil bottle label.

(Pedants may have spotted that worms are only actually used in Mezcal, not Tequila, but I think it's worth overlooking for the sake of having big, spaced out worms on the label).

Tombie profile pic Artist

I used the 666 thing as the NOM number - I didn't want to repeat the gag. (The NOM number on a tequila bottle tells you what region it comes from).

walmazan profile pic Alumni

hahaaha $

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

awsome.. ill buy one.. $5

vote mine?


i was waiting for it! There you go 5$!


Would like to add this to my collection of devil shirts please...


love this (and am also finding it amusing how a couple of subs ago everyone loved - but stepped away from - a shirt showing the christian fish symbol, but we're gunning for the upside down cross here!)

Tombie profile pic Artist

shameless self-bump

Not long left now - keep the votes and comments coming! :) I wasn't sure if people would get this, but it seems to be getting a positive response.

Tombie profile pic Artist

Wow, I guess the silent majority really don't like Satan.

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