Tempo in RGB Minor

Design by mindtrance

Tempo in RGB Minor by mindtrance on Threadless
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adam antium

like the final version dude.

Raj Mahtaj

Quite wonderful.


no offense... i think it lacks a little vision. I would give it more directions, than just colored swirls.


this is the best thing youve done i think. Not every t-shirt needs the vision that peri is looking for, some just look nice or allow the viewer to find their own meaning.


wonderful!! and I don't think jazz music would look like anything besides colored swirls, so this is perfect.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

Thanks Bananaphone, I was going for the find your own meaning shirt. I just mentioned what it meant to me :)


As abstract as it is, I like it a lot. A lot more than the abstract "faesthetic" tees that came out a while back. I'm pretty sure they haven't sold more than a dozen of those >.>; A music lover myself, I think this is great. I'd only suggest a color variation, with bolder colors (not so pastel) and on a black tee. What you have so far is fine, though. Great one :)

mindtrance profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone I appreciate the feedback.

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