Teddy Bubbles

Design by Ronin60


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thanks for the words guys, someone said they wanted more on the octo design; so I added little bubble bears to this one :D


woa thats a trippy bear 5x5


Uffff!! excelllent proposal....good work in the texture....!...I would like to see this one on a POSTER!!!!!!!

Ronin60 profile pic Artist

thanks much for the kind words folks, its much appreciated :)
treebir, the only drawing I'm not using in a design at the moment is one of my face; I doubt anyone wants me on their tee ;)

Ronin60 profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments people :)
DUB, at the moment I only have a few characters; I'll start drawing some more soon though :)


nice shirt :) id buy one

Ronin60 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the words guys; sadly I was on holiday when the tees went on sale. However, it was nice to see my design on the mainpage when I got on a portland hotel computer for a couple of minutes :D

oh and warsaw, I'm not sure if your talking to me but I use flash mx for most my illustrations; although recently I just use flash to line trace scanned images of my pen drawings...
I'm off to snap some tees up ( not just this one :P )!

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