Technology is not progress

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Technology is not progress by bejung on Threadless
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Computers make Threadless possible. Sounds like progress to me.


the truth hurts ... What we are doing here is progress itself. Humans have to understand and control it. If you don't, go back to the forrest and FUCK OFF. ( I say that in a general way) ... maybe that's what the author wanted to say, isn't it ?


i don't mind there being text, but i dislike how the sentence is separated, and the... ...periods.


props to artbuyer


Amen to the message !

Technology only provides tools.
Those who want progress and
those who want to stifle it have
access to the same technology.

concerning the design :

I don't think the image does justice
to the importance of the text's message.

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you dont see enough of these colors... you get a star on your forehead for this sub.


Your colour choice is rad, and I totally dig the design! I would definitely wear a shirt like this.

For some reason, I think it would be just as good without the test. Perhaps better. Children around a screen seems readily associated with the 1950's mentality about television taking over the home and retro technology and---well, everybody knows what computers stand for---so I think the image is effective enough to work all on its own...

Great concept. :)


Interesting colors, like a Japanese game show. Cliche concept though.


I like it on orange


lose the text, and you've got a $5 - I like the idea of children fixated by computers without adult supervision...that was totally me as a kid. And look how I turned out!


helo you said the message in a complicated way. it took me a while to figure out what you said is what i already knew. jeez.

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