Technologic Peacock

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Technologic Peacock by JacckSkellington on Threadless
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JacckSkellington profile pic Artist

I've kinda had this idea stuck in my head since I read about the Maxtopia challenge.. a peacock with, rather than feathers, those lines and circles you see on motherboards and computer chips... and me being the procrastinator that I am took my dear sweet time getting it down and done. But here it is! I thought about using other colors for the shirt.. but anything else feels less like a peacock and just more like a really colorful bird to me.. though black sort of looked nice. I really kinda love how this turned out. Hope ya'll like it too!


Cool! $5

evan3 profile pic Alumni
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i like peacocks

Stereomode profile pic Alumni

so cool!


sweet, like it

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wish the peacock circuitry went all the way to the top of the shirt, but nice.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


JacckSkellington profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! @shadow kittycat, I tested it on most of the other tshirt colors. I don't think I did off-white, for whatever reason.. but the other's didn't quite look as good as I'd have liked. I do think it'd probably look pretty snazzy on off-white though.. Alas! @frickinawesome, now that you brought it up, I do sort of wish I had done that. I still really like how it looks as is, though.. and if it had gone all the way up, I wonder if it'd lose the peacock fan feel of it. I dunno.. but thanks =D And thanks everyone else, too!

Zen Studio

nice peacock!

JacckSkellington profile pic Artist

Thanks again guys. =)

@Shadow kittycat, yea, I saw that design the other day. It's a good design. And peacocks are perfect for this challenge.. it doesn't surprise me that others have had the idea. =) It's always awesome seeing other people's interpretations of similar ideas.

QuietCity profile pic Alumni

nicely drawn :)

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