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In 1972 four crack commando font units were sent to prison by a type foundry for a crime they didn't commit. These characters promptly escaped from a maximum security firewall to global operation systems worldwide. Today, still wanted by the font police, they survive as letters of fortune. If you have a design problem, if no one creative director can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the team of A's.

5 colours on Gold or Army Green


I ain't gettin on no plane!


Ok, that's hilarious. I agree the placement isn't quite right, but I'm not sure what could really improve it. Great concept though.


clever. also, my roommate is watching a-team right now. hannibal just jumped off a building.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

wow cool

Resistance profile pic Alumni

great! print for sure!


Cool one, Brand. Bumped into your profile some time ago -- you've been dormant for a while. Bumped into Conrad last weekend too. [Does he have a profile up here??]

vonbrandis profile pic Artist

thanks Jordan - been dormant, yes. Lots of projects on the go. Conrad doesn't have a profile, no - this wouldn't be his scene.

Thanks for all the kind comments - glad to see theres still some fans out there that love it when a plan comes together.

Apparently the movie come out next year?!

mark722 profile pic Alumni

very nice


haha! thinkin' outside the box, I like it!!!

dschwen profile pic Alumni


Skap 1er

nice idea!

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