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Ta$ty Mix


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I hope you like! The dark color is a dark grey/slate. I personally like it on yellow but the grey and white are nice variations too. Have a lovely day!


i love all the colors


seriously cool T.....defo for the summer!!!!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni





That... is... amazing.

Man - the current submissions are gonna make a great batch.

Well done man - this is exactly what Threadless needs at the moment.

5$ to the power of 5$


Believe it or not, that dark blue is slate I think. 5$

CBT Unit



It's a little too messy looking for my liking, but kudos on fantastic use of colour. 4

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is cool but the layout is well just a little too random or something .. the areas along the bottom just dont feel attached to teh central and top areas .. love the colors and the look of teh kid and blob of stuffs though

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feed ehr body! Wullagaru has a point. I think the good will outway bad in the end though when you find nice details you never knew existed. I'll try to post a link with more detail shots. I'm happy you all like the colorifics.


super cool. love the design. i love that it's everywhere.

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Shucks, my corniness got in the way...Sometimes its hard not to be corny:)

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

maybe that will work.

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

sorry bout that. Just click my profile and click one of the thumbnails that come up from flickr. Make sure to click the size button to blow it up ! Thanks

Frank Vice

i like the style but the layout is unbalanced and random


great use of color, needs better flow

dacat profile pic Alumni

Amazing work and detail, colors are outstanding. I think the Phoenix (with attaching belt) and Jellyfish are disrupting the flow of the person triggering the explosion of color. When I put my thumbs on those two elements, the piece looks more cohesive. Still excellent work...5 for sure!


this is cool. nice work, banzai! :P

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

I understand the flow thing. If possible it would be cool if they put the eyeball guys aound on the back or something. Wouldn't that be great if we could start doing full wrap around designs!!!! I know some maybe a good 3/4 of you would love it!


ohhh shiney colours...

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

this is awesome, I just wish it worked as a TSHIRT DESIGN. The composition is terrible but the design is amazing.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I agree with bananaphone.


Lurve. But bananaphone is indeed right. Maybe alter where bits are placed and make the entire design more vertical.


p.s. those circular thingies would make a great naked and angry pattern. also the little psychedelic dealio at the bottom right, too.

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Thanks, I can see where your comming from. Doesn't design and compostition kind of go hand in hand.
Everyone has different ta$te$.
Karmaloop dot com
has a lot of fun designed clothing. Mostly for the hip hop/urban/skate market. Man, they gots flava!

...oh yeah but don't buy there...only buy threadless ;)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I don't think it would work as a t-shirt, but as a hoodie AKA "Et Cetera", i think you could make this work, with parts of this on the front, on the back and on the actual hood. It would turn out fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine and dandy.

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the 5$ and almost 5$ and 4$ and the constructive criticism and being so dang nice even when you don't like it.


there's a lot going on in this pic. In fact, a little too much for my taste. It's still a good design, just make it more simple


Man, too many skeptics! I think this is awesome and it's actually something out of the ordinary! I think the design is refreshing! I hope hope hope hope hope threadless wil print it so I can buy it!!!
Make more kennybanzai!


Who cares about composition? IF it works, it works.
Great job, $5


im really not sure how this would look on a shirt... but GEEEEZ amazing amazing stuff 5$$$$$


absolutely gorgeous. beautifully done. 5.


this design is awesome, but i don;t know how i feel about it on a tee. i think because there is so much going on, it would look better as a poster. i think i might be too self-conscious wearing it, because it would cause too much staring! lol. 4 for the design.

Ava Adore

best on white


i don't know why i like this but i do, the busy shirts ussually turn me off, but i really like this one!!!!!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Color combinations are brilliant & appealing, but the layout feels cramped & crowded. There is actually TOO MUCH eye flow which is giving me a headache.

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Thanks to eveyone who is voting higher with "dolla$." I really appreciate it!

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Awe:( cant please everyone :)


This is amazing, but it could stand to be reined in a bit. It would start to have more cohesion if you eliminated the two blobs in the lower right. The blob of circles is a repetition of the central circle area and adds nothing new. The op-art blob is too different and draws too much attention. There's so much going on that the energy cancels itself out.

Kill off those "outliers" and then push the rest into a more unified direction and you could have a print on your hands.

You may have to limit it for purely technical reasons. I think it may exceed the print size limitation and if it was shrunk down, the details would be too small for the screen to resolve.


I can see where everyone is coming from talking about balance and cohesion and all that stuff, but when I look at this crazy design, it reminds me of the most serendipitious occurances in nature - when something living defies it's natural pattern. Such as four leaf clovers or albinos, birth marks, and flaws in patterns. It makes me think also of Native American and Japanese design, and how balance is often found in inmabalance, because perfect balance and symmetry is too phony.
yeah for FOUR LEAF CLOVERs! $5


hahaha... know four leaf clovers are perfectly symmetrical (and balancced.) Guess that was a bad example to make my point with - but you get what I'm saying right??

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

good job -


Most excellent. On black, please

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone!


This might get printed =)

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Thanks to all the peoples who voted and are buying!!!!!!!!!!
It's so exciting!!!
My new wife and I will be rockin' out with this shirt a lot this summer!!!!!!!!:)


I $5'ed it and now I'm thrilled to own it. Thanks, Kenny!


I want to get that! : ) $5

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