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Target Audience by Havenspear on Threadless
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why is the cirlcy target sorta hexagonal?


*circle... typing while cold=typoes.


Simple, austere, decorative and effective -- does this mean that I'm part of the target market? The irony is excruciating.


its 5$ for me


I'd move the circle slightly right or left, for aesthetic reasons, not thematic. But perhaps a centralized target reinforces the motif.

Great idea, though! Major props for concept.


If you use the Photoshop Select menu > Modify > Contract to shrink your circle selection, you end up with a hexagon like the one on your image.
Better to cross a vertical and a horizontal guide where you want the centre of the target, set a fixed size for your circle selection, andAlt- select from the cross (it will select your circle from the centre instead of the edge.) Start with the largest circle, then repeat and change the Fixed Size selection for the inner circles. It takes about 2 minutes longer and looks 500% better.

Nice idea overall and I like the more stylised outlines of the people.

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