Tall Hat

Design by andreajoseph

Tall Hat by andreajoseph on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

as intricate and laboured this is, it really seems like too much for the t-shirt. it's also hard to vote on it when i don't know what all of it is.


Do you have a detail or close up to look at?
This looks really neat but it would be nice to be able to read it :)


I get that the impression that this is a design you did for something else and thought you might as well sub it here as well. From what I can see it's impressive but not really T-shirt material -2-


This is a beautiful Illustration for a Tee Shirt. It allows great interest.
It is complicated therefore draws more second and third looks. Hince, It would draw more people to find out where and how to obtain these Tees- threadless- Tees. I have posted this Tee to my blogs and still posting. It is just wonderful andrea joseph. Hope that "threadless Tees" understands this is unique design for Tee shirts.
Quiltiknit-- Sherrie Roberts


hmmm... A for effort I say. Would be nice to see the details though.

T-Lou profile pic Alumni

Wow - looks like a page from an amazing children's book!

^ Re kids tee subs: TL go thru new subs and decide which ones they'll also put up for voting on the TL Kids site - i think it can help if you put design on a child model pic too. There's some on Flickr.


Andrea, I adore your work and I definitely think this should be a shirt. It's charming and wonderful.

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