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taking back control

Design by jalidd

taking back control by jalidd on Threadless
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R G profile pic Alumni

nice idea!

jalidd profile pic Artist

this has nothing to do with "taking back sunday", i haven't even heard the band, i got my idea somewhere else :)


I'd totally 6 this one if there were any.
I want this Shirt. Now


lovewrist makes me want to peel a banana and slip purposfully on it. nice shirt chap. keep it real


good use of the Grand Theft Auto font. i love my old school gameboy...still have it too. great illustration.


omigosh, so great! I love the retro gamer shirts, however, i would move the "taking back control" more toward the center of the shirt (and possibly onto the front of the shirt on the opposite corner the hand is grabbing, or down near the bottom) as where it is now it would easily be obstructed by a backpack strap or a purse strap. I would also do something more with color, perhaps make the gameboy it's original gray and fushia colors. and I wouldn't confuse the words with taking back sunday.

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