Take A Xanax

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Take A Xanax by Danielsanman on Threadless
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I take xanax's, for panic attacks. I also like Wonder Bread. But no, I don't like shirts that tell me what to do.


to XanaxTaker :

C'mon man! (woman?)
You just joined yesterday. . .
You've voted on only one design. . .
Your vote was a 5 . . .
And the designer has his profile
in the private setting.

Are you Danielsanman ?
Are you a Danielsanman henchman ?

If you aren't some fake identity,
then please forgive me, but your
name, your voting record, and
the timing of your appearance
stinks all over the place.


to Danielsanman :

Thanks for responding. If I was going to
try to be cheif of Threadless.com police,
I would have e-mailed Threadless to
encourage them to find out if XanaxTaker
is a fake indentity for you or someone
else. I haven't done anything like that.

Your # 3 point is a great comment.
Thanks for being lighthearted with me.

My concern about XanaxTaker could be
overblown, but there's also the chance
someone is using multiple identities
to pump up the score on this design.

loglow profile pic Alumni

What's wrong with mushrooms, howlynart? I think they're glorious.


I don't even care about which drug you feature, I love the utilization of the Wonderbread logo for some witty shit. Awesome.


yeah mushrooms rule your FACE :)

and this shirt kicks ass, don't listen to them haters


chill dudes! its just a silly drug reference!

this doesn't strike me as a shirt very threadless-esque design anyway...and i just made up that word...

very cute


Hahaha... I love this...

Even though a close family related friend with depression and not enough counseling took his life while rolling on too many xanax.

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