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This is adorable.


Love this!!! I love how each section has it's own branches that fit with the main one.


If i was going to be picky, which I am: the 'e' and the 'o' look kind of similar but otherwise i'd say its another excellent design. 5$


Make "Marriage Lane" fork into two roads :

"Divorce Court"

"Happily Ever After Avenue"


i too didn't recognize the word "memory" right away, which is actually exactly why i like it -- if it was REALLY obviously the word "memory" then it would come across as cheesy and corny. as is, it's much more subtle and looks just like a cool design from far away

Ava Adore

nice idea


I thought it said "Mormon." I don't like it.


Like a lot of designs on here, I think it would make a great cartoon in a newspaper or magazine, but the street names are going to be really hard to read unless you get awkwardly close to the wearer. The "memory" is not clear enough for people to read unless they know the title of the shirt; when looking at the thumbnail, I see "Memer." Funny idea, but not for a shirt.


I love the idea. As mentions, "Memory" is a little too hard to read. In the thumbnail, the streets coming off of memory lane look a little awkward. They kinda remind me of tree branches. On childhood road, i think it says "paper round dr.," did you mean paper route? I agree with making "opposite sex drive", sex drive. Also, i like the aforementioned idea of marriage lane being spilt into "Divorce Ct" and "Happily Ever After Avenue."

I buy it if it was fixed up a little.

.onion profile pic Alumni

i think the idea is cool and all, but in my opinion this is kind of lame as a t-shirt.


I like how theres words on every line. Nice job.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Did you mean for this to look like veins?

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