table tennis anyone?

Design by Mr. poopiesmile

table tennis anyone? by Mr. poopiesmile on Threadless
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it's really glennzy- i mean that as a compliment.

i think the black is a little overpowering though, maybe grey or something a bit lighter for the shadow?

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

as has been said.... ace design and execution, but the shadow is way too harsh... its really killing the tee shirt aspect for me... this is one of the few subs i would be happy to see a resub with that change

tomburns profile pic Alumni

at first i thought this was a glenn jones design, then i saw the hard black and realized it wasnt. cool design though! 4


$5 but the black doesn't work (as said many times above!).

Ava Adore

hahaha, cool!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

WOW!! $5
I'll get this in a second.


I totally love this. Take the shadow comments and you have a winner.

My only anal comment is that being a tennis player, the male player looks as though he is getting ready for a shot rather than having just hit it. She is preparing to backhand that short shot which I would think means that he kind of chipped it in as he was coming to the net. He should at least be following through to some extent and I would love it more if he was charging the net about to get passed by her backhand.

Again that is anal I would probably still buy it with the shadow toned down as previously suggested.


I agree that the shadow color needs to be changed.

clever idea but not my kind of shirt
too bold i think

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Very funny and glennzy, but my, do you have a weird username!



yea, black a little overpower maybe, but yea, cool!


hee hee! this is table tennis! it's smashing!


This is fantabulous. I'd definately wear it to tennis. But I'd suggest working on some other color combinations.


i like the idea and the ilustration but the yellow is killing me :S, yellow is not a bad colour, maybe a little bit softer?, i think that the yellow so strong tends to take atention from the drawing, eating the borders of itself, i dunno, im just guessing how it would look like, but i still like it


love it.


Thought it was glennz at first, its really good.


A little adjustment on the colors and this is a winning shirt!

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