Systematic Panic

Design by bortwein

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Pretty interesting. Second color choice is my pick.


that took me way too long to figure out :P

it doesn't really work if you don't know what the title is, and i didn't look the first time i tried to decrypt it..

to make it clearer, i would keep the in/out convention you have going on the right side and apply it to the left (arrow points to letter on the left, follow tail on the right of the letter). might make it easier for people to decide which arrow to take for the next letter.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Very clever. I could see this on a 38 D cup and see which one the guys stare at more...nice job.


i like the green

bortwein profile pic Artist

RyuBot4000: There is a zoom built into the flash from threaless. Drag a box around the area you want to see closer to and it will zoom in. All the flash on threadless does that trick.


I was thinking this isnt spelt right, then i realised that you can use the letters more than once and your meant to follow the arrow. very clever. love the positioning, the green and the way you can never get out of painc! shame it never won =[

bortwein profile pic Artist


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