System Crash

Design by Monkey III

System Crash by Monkey III on Threadless
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Took me a sec. Apple vs. Windows?


and ninja.


did i mention that i like it? no i didn't. well i do.


I like the picture better than the picture of it with the placement (if that makes sense). The one on the left gives it better depth, while the one on the right (the girl) seems off to me.

Joelnz profile pic Alumni

pretty good


pretty interesting


Great concept.

I think the apple should be in the same graphic language as the window.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Nice work, placement definitely should be lower w/apple in lower corner...looks great otherwise!

staffell profile pic Alumni

it looks more like a peach than an apple dude!


Great idea!

Just two things.
First people will see it, laugh, think "HAHA, Windows got owned!" then, to make it ever funnier, a cute penguin somewhere, maybe on the back, in the corner, chewing on the apple.
Just sitting there, a cute little fella', gobblin' down the apple.
And the T-shirt color is a bit off for me.

4, with penguin-idea $10!


I like the apple and the window closer as well.
I also think another colour should be tried.
Purple? Grey? Blue screen of death?
Anything other than cream.
Love the concept.
I still prefer Windows over Apple.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Thank you for your comments!
Nobody won though.
Both systems can crash. (both damaged in this design)


I agree with all of the basic complaints here: Alignment on shirt should be tightened, color is a bit difficult to enjoy, etc. Also, I like Zegrod's idea about having a Tux-like penguin somewhere.

herky profile pic Alumni

ha, great concept, the shards of glass stuck in the apple is a nice touch.


GEEK LOVE The concept is freakin' awesome, but the execution on the shirt looks wrong, the apple is too far down. i like the window, it looks lego style. Placement aside, the only thing that really bugs me is the shard of glass sticking in the apple, it interrupts the shape of the apple with the bite.

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