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burgz profile pic Artist

Do you take your swiss army wife to have and to hold and to cut with and open stuff with and uncork wine with and file your finger and/or toe nails with...etc...

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i like it, cool idea! + awesome design! 5$! :)


well, at least you didn't just put a bunch of stereotypical female items there i guess

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

A pun that isn't immediately noticeable, but a striking and well-balanced image all the same. And i've never been so attracted to cutlery before...


I actually like it on the black with the "quote," but that's just me.

da Face

I like that her head is a spoon.


nice play on words.
love it on gray.


but why would a guy need a swiss army wife with a lipstick & mascara wand?


I thought just like Ivywillow.

If a man buys it, why then include lipstick?
It it would have been a swiss-man then there could have been lipstick on there.


Glad to see I'm not the only one who questioned it. Second question would be, why would the swiss army wife NEED lipstick or mascara, she's GOT NO FACE. (Boobs & hips, yeah, but no face.)

On a positive note, I love the style, just not the confused message.

burgz profile pic Artist

Thanx for the honest comments and the intriguing questions. I may not have the right answers though. For Zegrod, if a man buys what… the T-Shirt or the actual swiss army wife product? I don’t think there’s such a thing but if there was I’m sure his wife/girlfriend would find the cosmetics useful if she’s into that. I’m sure lesbians can buy this too if so inclined. As for the faceless spoon question, I chose not to engrave a face on the spoon because…it’s a spoon. Just like how the swiss army knife didn’t include a finger for the handy nail file it comes with. It doesn’t come with a beer either. That’s funny, it has a bottle opener though. What’s this? I can uncork wine. But, I don’t drink wine. Shucks, I guess I’ll just settle for a jack knife. It’s just a play on words. I wanted to show how multifaceted a wife can be to a husband with a touch of bar humour.
Here’s a thought, how can a unicorn shit bite size marshmallows in a bowl of cereal without “May contain fictional horse shit” on the box?

burgz profile pic Artist

sorry...I don't take queues from token anythings...

ALIADOTONY profile pic Alumni

This in an example of a really good idea with a not so good drawing..still i have to praise your creativity ! i like the concept


I agree with the above comment. It's all in fun.

But, I gotta say, I'd really love to have the text and the logo, and I don't say that about many designs.


um, no.

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