Swirlie Girlie

Design by Pukagurl

Swirlie Girlie by Pukagurl on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

reminds me of james bonds, electric coolaid acid test, that type of stuff. very cool. everything looks proportional but her ankle looks a little odd. I would probably buy this.


Love it, but agree with above, and also a lil bit smaller. 4 as well.


Can any one say pink floyd?. I still love it though. And i have to say i like it better on the brown. It gives the whole piece a warm hue. $5!


eh... sounds like blanford is a big boring douche bag. There's always someone willing to ruin it for others wanting to have a good time. If this was a party, his head would already be in a flushing toilet.

I agree with Pukagurl, and as an artist, I will say that there is nothing more beautiful in nature than the nude female form. That is why it is one of the most popular subjects in art.

Great Artwork and design, and the last thing it deserves is criticism.

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