Swimmin' Wit Da Fishes

Design by mindtrance

Swimmin' Wit Da Fishes by mindtrance on Threadless
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which other one are you refering to? link please.


I can't even look at the design with such modeling...

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

No, it's not "Sleeping With The Fishes" anymore.
After the extreme success of the actor/rapper Will Smith's song "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", mobsters wanted to spice things up so they started referring to it as "Swimmin' Wit Da Fishes".
Anyway, it's been done, as said before, and it was done much better.


I love IFC!


Yeah, seen it, sorry.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

nice!...and nice colours!...


I really like it, but it might to similar in concept to the cement shoes one for them to print. Good job though!


Too familiar to Cement Shoes. I like it, but too familiar.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

personally, I don't like the cement shoes one from before, the 3d feel to it sort of ruined it for me so I did one of my own. I like the idea of the blue being the water, not a grey shirt. That's just me.

Thank you all that had good feedback for me :)

The guy that was picked to be sunk to the bottom was just some random suit picture, I didn't realize it appeared simliar to that atomic bomb one until after the fact. Anyways, hope you like it!


The guy looks like he's on a mobile phone. You do realize that a person wouldn't be standing on the sea floor right? The anchor is there to keep them from floating which is what they would do if they still had air in their lungs which apparently this guy does, and after they're dead they would bloat and float up to the surface.

How about in your next revision, make the guy look more like something bad has happened to him, like make his clothes look like they would as if he were really underwater, make his briefcase open and papers scattered around, make the guy float a little more (suspended in the water), or like he's panicking.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

well considering that I can't draw for crap, I doubt that will happen!

Those are all very good ideas, thanks!

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